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           As a psychic medium, I have been entrusted with a very special gift. I communicate with those whom have past away. It is an amazing ability, that comes with great responsibility. My work is assisting people with the opportunity to speak with their loved ones once again. I have worked two murder cases and two missing persons cases. It can become very intense at times, as you can well imagine. I still wouldn't change it for the anything in this world. I take my work very seriously and treat it with the utmost integrity and respect. I believe if not used for its intention, God can take it away just as easily as He has given it to me.

          When people come to me to speak with their departed loved ones, they are often nervous. It's comical to me the number of times a client has told me afterwards, how comfortable they had quickly become once we met. I am simply me. I do not use any type of special tools or gadgets to assist me in my sessions. I am what I like to describe as simply an interpreter between the two sides. Whenever I am able to help someone by connecting them to their loved one on the other side by bringing peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure and inner healing, then I feel that I have served my purpose.

What is a session like? Receiving messages from the other side is always fascinating to me. I enjoy the people I meet from "both sides." It is amazing to see what they communicate and how they communicate it.  As one comes through, they typically announce their relationship to you. They often allow me to see their personality type and character. I describe it to the client to confirm it is correct. They may show me their craftsmanship, hobby, career, favorite food, home, etc. Whatever information that they feel you will associate with them as confirmation. Frequently, they go into their feelings, viewpoints, suggestions, wishes, and such. This is the down to business segment. They typically then lighten up a bit and start giving you memories of things that you two shared or knew of together. I always appreciate the consistent affirmation they offer so my client knows the message is from their loved one and not myself.